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20.10.2012 11:35

We have been offered to participate in a project to fit out Baku Boulevard

Fuad Erol, CEO of Cemer

Cemer was established in 1994 in Turkey. We currently produce more than 20 different products. These include childrens playgrounds, outdoor fitness facilities, portable toilets, rubber coverings, and interactive product groups i.e. modern play equipment. The company is a manufacturer; we have a big factory in Izmir covering an area of ​​20,000 square metres.

Currently, the company employs 400 people and has an annual budget of $50 million. The annual volume of its exports totals $15 million. The company exports to around 50 countries including Russia, Germany, Italy, the USA, Chile, Brazil, Iran, Romania, Greece, Azerbaijan and other countries.

Cemer is participating in BakuBuild for the third time - the last two exhibitions have been held in the new large exhibition centre, and we are very satisfied with how they were organized. I think that this exhibition is very successful.

We have been working with our Azerbaijani partner - LTS LLC - for 4 years, and we are presenting our products at the exhibition together. We are bound to this company through some very large projects in Baku: the improvement of urban facilities and playgrounds, including a number of parks named after Heydar Aliyev; systems for disabled people; and fitness machines for outdoor training.

We recently received an offer to participate in a project to equip Baku Boulevard with fitness machines and playgrounds. We have discussed several other interesting projects at the exhibition.

We not only have an internal stand of ​​12 square metres but also a 70 square metre outdoor exhibition space. Individual models of each product are presented inside. The playground occupies quite a large space on the outside stand. It includes seven fitness machines for different groups of muscles and exercise equipment for disabled persons. Visitors can not only see, but can also try all of the equipment.

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