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20.10.2012 15:40

Today is the final day of Caspian Construction Week

Today is the final day of Caspian Construction Week, within the framework of which the 18th Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition, BakuBuild 2012; the 4th International Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitation, Environmental Technology, Swimming Pools and Renewable Energies Exhibition, Aqua-Therm Baku 2012; and the 5th Anniversary Caspian International Protection, Security and Rescue Exhibition, CIPS 2012, have been held.

This was the largest exhibition to ever have been arranged in Baku Expo Centre, i.e. it used all the halls and the outside demonstration area of the exhibition centre. The construction industry, taking advantage of the potential of this major regional industrial forum, demonstrated the latest innovations and manufacturing technologies, and products and services from leading international and domestic companies.

‘Throughout the years of its independence, Azerbaijan's construction industry has remained one of the most stable and dynamically developing sectors of the economy. BakuBuild plays an important role not only in bringing the latest technology into the country, but also in creating an attractive business image for Azerbaijan. The exhibition has been held annually for 18 years, and grows every year. If we remember that Azerbaijan has only been independent for 21 years, then everyone who visits this exhibition can clearly observe the scale of the economic growth in the country’ noted Jahangir Gojayev, Head of the International Relations and Information Department of the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, speaking at the official opening ceremony.

BakuBuild 2012 was attended by 455 companies from 31 countries. Sixty per cent of the exhibitors were regular exhibitors, 35% were local participants and 30% were making their debut. It should be emphasized that the participation in the exhibition of large national groups from Finland, Germany, Italy, Iran, Spain, Portugal and Greece demonstrates that the construction market in Azerbaijan still retains its attractiveness.

The exhibition displayed a variety of building materials, elevators, escalators, construction tools, safety equipment, construction machinery, finishing and facing materials, sanitary ware, flooring, roofing, cladding, heating, ventilation and lighting systems, road construction machinery, landscaping, furniture, and playgrounds, and much more.

The exhibition was accompanied by a comprehensive business programme. The presentations and workshops conducted during the exhibition were distinguished by their diverse topics and dedication to different areas of the construction sector. Thus the interest of architects and builders was aroused by a seminar on ‘New Town Planning and the Building Code of Azerbaijan: Practical Application Issues’ arranged by ADM Legal, while furniture manufacturers, designers and workers were attracted by the advertising seminar entitled ‘High polish and deep relief, the breathtaking sight of decoration and easy application – SIBU and Niemann have the answer!’ arranged by GuT Import-Export GmbH (Germany). During the meeting of the construction club held at BakuBuild, which was organized by the Caspian-European Integration Business Club (CEIBC) with the support of Iteca Caspian LLC, industry professionals discussed the ‘Prospects for and development of the construction industry in the region’.

Aqua-Therm Baku 2012, accommodated in the second and fourth halls of Baku Expo Centre, was the second exhibition in terms of size. This year the exhibition was attended by 78 companies from Azerbaijan, Iran, Italy, Russia, Turkey and China, and the local representatives of manufacturers from Belgium, Finland, Sweden and Japan.

One-third of the expositional area was occupied by local companies demonstrating their high quality and competitive products, including regular exhibitors such as Metak, Sauna Inshaat, Yusiko, NJT, Euroclima and Nenzi-M. In addition to traditional heating systems, insulation materials, saunas, ventilators and air distribution devices, for the first time the exhibition included displays of exclusive fireplaces, ‘air curtains’, equipment for saltwater pools and so on. The ‘Ventilation and Air-Conditioning’ section was adorned by displays from global brands such as Carrier (USA), Daikin (Japan), Systemair (Sweden), Hitachi (Japan), Sanyo (Japan), and Thermona (Czech Republic). The latest heating systems were presented by the Italian companies of Robello and Immergas.

Aqua-Therm Baku 2012 was also accompanied by a comprehensive business program. On the second and third days of the exhibition there were seminars dedicated to the topics of the "Energy-saving equipment made by Danfoss”, prepared by DANFOSS representatives, and "The equipment manufactured by Ecoline Ltd.: Solutions and Innovations", in which the representatives of Ecoline participated.

The 5th Anniversary Caspian International Protection, Security and Rescue Exhibition, CIPS 2012, being the only international trade fair on security in the region, presented the leading companies in the sector from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Italy, Russia and Turkey. The exhibition included the newest and latest design developments in the fields of CCTV, access control, emergency and rescue equipment, turnstiles, parking systems, speed dome cameras and optics for cameras, and other ICT technologies widely used in public safety, fire and security alarm systems, smoke detectors, and specialist fire-fighting equipment. Russian companies demonstrated a wide range of fire engine models on GAZ, ZIL, Ural and KamAZ chassis. For the first time this year, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan participated in the exhibition with its own stand.

Caspian Construction Week closes on a positive note, giving new impetus to the development of the construction market in Azerbaijan and abroad by strengthening partnerships between local and foreign producers and consumers of building materials and services.

BakuBuild is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan, the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers’) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic, as well as the Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO). The organizers of BakuBuild are the British company ITE Group plc and its partner, Iteca Caspian LLC. This success of the exhibition is the result of the teamwork of ITE Group’s partners, which attract international companies to participate in the Azerbaijani exhibition. These include EUF (Turkey), GIMA (Germany), ITE Gulf (UAE), International Show srl. (Italy), ITE China (China) and ITE Poland (Poland). BakuBuild has been awarded the seal of quality from UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry for six years in row.

The sponsor of this year’s exhibition is Holcim Azerbaijan. The partners of the international exhibitions in 2012 are Nar Mobile (as the official communication partner), AZAL (as the official air carrier), and Hilton Baku and Caucasus Point Hotels (as the official hotels).

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