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07.12.2012 09:41

Residence in Khazar Islands to begin in 2014

Baku. Ali Ahmadov APA-Economics. About $1.2 bn has been invested in Khazar Islands project, so far. President of Avesta Concern Ibrahim Nehramli told APA.

To him, 300 ha area has already been filled in the sea. At present, 12 buildings are under construction. Construction has already been reached to 10th floor. The construction of the buildings wil be complted at the end of 2013, but residence will begin in 2014.

In paralle, city infrastructure is also being constructed. Renovation of coastlines of islands, created within the framework of the project, and construction of new boulevards are underway. 4 km-boulevard has been built, so far. In general, it is planned to construct 20 km-boulevard and 20 bridges.

The construction of one bridge is already approaches to end: span of bridge with 274 m-length is 76 m, which is the biggest indicator in the republic. The construction is implemented by French company.

Besides, communication and infrastructure projects are being implemented in the town. Two large parks (5 hectares for each) will be constructed at the entrance of the town. One of the parks will include 3 stadiums and other sport facilities, another childrens entertainment facilities.

Construction of first from 8 underground passages started, 7 km-road is being asphalted.

At the same time, 10 restaurants must be built. Opening of first objects is planned to be held in May. Along with this, 1,000-person beach will operate. The beach will be created in the middle of the sea, in the distance of 2.5 km from shoreline. Executive Power of Khazar Islands will be opened in May.

Ibrahimov noted that at present 2,000 persons work in the construction works. But it needs to quintuple them to 10,000 to conduct the works in the schedule. Besides, 20,000 persons must be involved in planting of greenery.

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