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October, 21-24 2009
Baku, Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev Sport and Exhibition Complex


The largest construction event in the Caspian and Caucasus regions, BakuBuild 2009 is a unique tool to promote your business on these markets. BakuBuild 2009 creates the conditions for business communication, search of new partners, market analyze, efficient communication with consumers.

Facts and figures of BakuBuild
Launched: 1995
Frequency: Annual

Total area: 9690 sq.m.
Total exposition area: 6 086 sq.m
Local exposition area (54,3%):
3 305 sq.m
Foreign exposition area (45,7%):
2 781 sq.m
2007 / 2008
2007 / 2008
2007 / 2008
Indoor space   1 049 / 1 226  1 400 / 2 169  2 449 / 3 395
Outdoor space
 1 433 / 2 079  356 / 612  1 789 / 2 691
Total exhibition space    4 238 / 6 086
Gross total space    8 084 / 9 690

Participants: 248
Local participants:
Foreign participants:
Participating countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Denmark, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, Latvia, Luxembourg, Nederland, U.A.E., Poland, Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, and Czech Republic.

Visitors: 9021

Unique visitors:
6 800
Professional visitors (80%):
5 440

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Jordan, USA, Qatar, U.A.E., Japan, Greece, China, Israel, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Northern Cyprus, Uzbekistan etc.

  14.9% of participants signed the contracts in the frame of BakuBuild 2008
  92.9% - expect contracts after the exhibition
  80.5% confirmed their participation in 2009
  76.3% stated the importance of participation in the exhibition for their business development
  48.8% pointed to the large perspective for development of the construction sector in Azerbaijan


Anna Kolesnik, cofounder of Optimal Doors/Skaf Kupe
«Our company is only three years old and we have participated in BakuBuild every year. Our debut in 2006 was particularly memorable for us: we got our message across confidently and signed profitable contracts. We have been cooperating with Iteca Caspian ever since, and our professional tandem produces results not only in terms of the search for partners, but also in the maintenance of our image which is very important for our company».

Witold Gapik, «Ceramika Paradyz»
«BakuBuild exhibition will help us to increase the volume of sales in Azerbaijan. Last year we strengthened our relations with our Azerbaijan partner and this year we would like to emphasize their exclusive position on the Azerbaijan market».

Araz Akhundov, «Nimex LLC»
«In the three and a half years since establishment of our company, we have achieved considerable growth. This is why our desire to make ourselves known internationally is justified. The BakuBuild exhibition can help us to achieve this goal. It's the first time that we have taken part in such important event as BakuBuild, so we hope that it will help us extend our business by meeting potential partners and signing new contracts».

Eldar Suvarov, «Yusi Ko»
«At the 14th International Exhibition BakuBuild 2008 we hope to find new partners who would meet our interests here, and sign mutually profitable contracts.
I would like to thank Iteca Caspian Company for its excellent organizational skill and, in particular, for the organization of the BakuBuild exhibition that makes a tremendous contribution to the development of both the exhibition and construction industries in Azerbaijan. The number of participants in the expo increases every year, which proves that there is a great demand for these types of events among not only domestic, but also international players in the construction market. We wish the company and all participants good luck in this event, prosperity and success in business...».

Rafik Mamedov, «Mega Makina LLC»
«We have taken part in the very important construction exhibition, BakuBuild, since 2004, the year that our company was found. This is why the Mega Makina LLC company can be considered really as the most reliable and loyal partner of Iteca Caspian, which actively helps to develop the sector in the entire Caucasus. We pleased to take part in this year's exhibition too and have a usual put samples of our products displayed near the main entrance to the exhibition centre».

Leszek Polipowski, «Sanitek Kolo»
«The main objective is ever the same - we are looking for new distributors on the Azerbaijan territory, as well as striving to support the current ones. After this exhibition we would like to open splendid showrooms where customers will be able to purchase our sanitary ware. This desire will be useful not only for our company, but also for all the city residents».


  • BakuBuild 2008 exhibition was audited by RussCom IT Systems.
  • All the exhibition figures were confirmed by the certificate of statistics audit.


According to the "Doing Business 2009" report, published by the World Bank and IFС, Azerbaijan led the world as the top reformer in 2007/08.

According to UN's World Economic Situation and Prospects 2009 Report, Azerbaijan will remain the country with most dynamic economy in CIS with growth of by 14%.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Azerbaijan increased by 15% and made up AZN 30.4 bln. ($38 bln.) in January to September 2008. The amount of the GDP per capita composed AZN 3554.4 ($4302.1). The amount of the production in all spheres of the economy increased by 16.3% and made up 75.7% of the GDP where 63.6% (AZN 19 310.2mln) fell on industry. $2.52 bln. Of GDP fell on construction industry.

Growth rates of investments in the economy of the country also increased. Nearly AZN 6.283 bln. ($7.79 bln.) was invested in the economy of Azerbaijan over the period of January and September 2008. an increase of 38% from the figures of the last year when the increase totaled 15.1%. The forecast of investments for 2008 totals AZN 6246.3mln ($8.75bln) with a decrease of 12.8% and the allocation over the past nine months reached 100.6% of the forecast.
Moreover, internal investments prevail above the external investments, their share in the total amount of investments are respectively 72.5% and 27.5%. According to the State Statistics Committee, a total of AZN 2339.5 mln. (37.2% of all investments - $2898.6 mln.) has been invested by the private enterprises with a decrease of 8.9% as compared to the same period of the last year, and AZN 3943.5 mln. (62.8% - $4885.9 mln.) by Public enterprises, an increase of 98.7% from last year. This increase is explained through large-scale construction works in the transport sector, demand for investments in the construction of production facilities.
The amount of investments in the construction-assembly works increased by 55% as compared to the same period of the last year and totaled $5.61 bln. $6.62 bln. was spent on the construction of production facilities, and $2.22 bln. - non-production. Investments in the operation with real estate composed $604 mln., including in the housing construction - $585.8 mln. 30 pedestrian passes, 45 highway bridges and 14 road junctions are planned to be built in Baku city till 2011. The construction of 7 multilevel car parkings and 96 km of roads are under the project.

In January to September 2008 the foreign trade turnover with 136 countries comprised $44201.5 mln. The amount of export increased by 802.96% as compared to last year and comprised $38970.8 mln, while import rose 33.79% to $5230.7 mln. Azerbaijan exported 1,869 types of goods and imported 5,528.



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