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Come and find everything you will ever need for construction, renovation and interior design at BakuBuild-2010!

BakuBuild, the Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition, has opened its doors in the newly-built Baku Expo Center on 20 October, marking the start of Caspian Construction Week. This year, there will be 260 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, including Azerbaijan, Greece, Poland, Russia, Turkey and others. Portugal and Latvia, which are newcomers to the exhibition, will be represented by several companies. Along with the individual stands at BakuBuild there will be six group stands from German, Finland, Iran, Italia, Lithuania, Ukraine.

Aqua-Therm Baku

This year, for the first time, Aqua-Therm Baku - the International Exhibition for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary and Environmental Technology – was hold alongside BakuBuild. The event will feature 60 companies from 15 countries, including Azerbaijan, Germany, Denmark, Iran, Italy, Turkey and Switzerland.

Universal construction area

The exhibition presented construction materials, finishing and facing materials, equipment for the manufacture of windows, technologies for the production of concrete and cement, construction equipment, specialised equipment, landscaping, architectural and landscape design, construction chemicals, woodworking equipment, production lines and tools, sanitaryware, ceramics and more. The outdoor area will display a large assortment of construction machinery and equipment from Germany, Turkey, South Korea, UK, Russia, Italy and other countries.


A spotlight event of BakuBuild-2010 is the world's latest technologies from industry leaders, as well as recommendations on equipment usage from competent professionals. This year, the organizers have paid even greater attention to industry novelties by joining the companies together in the Innovation Zone project. The participating companies can more widely demonstrate original new products, technologies and services at the exhibition. A detailed description of all the products, technologies and services presented, and the contact details of the companies, will be given in the “Innovation Zone” catalogue, which was distributed in Baku Expo Center during the exhibition.

We would like to bring to your attention some of the novelties presented at this year's exhibition.

Smart Tools

ASD, TRADE COMPANY (Russia)/ 2120 - Hall 2

Black AVIORA self-adhesive insulating tape. The tape is used as insulation during electrical work. The tape has high-class disruption protection and allows you to use a fixed connection given high humidity. Before application, remove the protective liner. The insulated area should be wrapped with the tape as it is unrolled and applied in rounds.

AVERA-BOSCH (Azerbaijan) /2518 - Hall 2

Cut-in sawing, sawing at grade, and polishing. Exceptional handling convenience due to its weight of 1 kg. Performance is equal to that of electrical tools. Changing vibration frequency to 20,000 per minute.

KLINGSPOR SP. Z.O.O (Poland)/ 7106 - Hall 1

Carbide burrs of high efficiency – photos Fraeser + HF 100 Set

STROYLUX PROF (Russia)/ 2130 - Hall 2

This year, the unique ANZA design and advanced 3D binary moulding technologies (PP+TPE) allowed us to create an original, light, and durable back-ends to produce a new line of brick and concrete brushes. The ergonomics of the curved back-ends reduces the painter’s hand muscle tension to a minimum. The new line of brick and concrete brushes has an improved paint intake and holding characteristics thanks to new synthetic fibers and the original design of the head. Now, the brushes can take and hold much more paint than before. The synthetic fibers save you time and power.


MINISTART - Portable Self-Contained Powder-Covering System The system is designed for: Enterprises with automated powder-covering lines; Enterprises painting small items; Universities, vocational schools, and colleges.

New Technologies

KNAUF Insulation (Russia)/ 1164 - Hall 1

KNAUF Insulation introduces a new generation of mineral wool heat insulator, created on the basis of fiberglass and unique ECOSE® formaldehyde-free binder technology. The new material boasts a special softness and has no odors and collects no dust, high level of fire safety; and, ecological compatibility.

GARADAGH CEMENT OJSC (Azerbaijan)/ 1134 - Hall 1

According to the New Dry Kiln Line project, 4 existing wet kiln lines of “Garadagh Cement” plant will be replaced with 1 new dry kiln line, which will ensure approximately 40% increase in clinker production capacity. The dry process has several advantages over the currently-used wet process, such as significantly lower water and fuel consumption, increased energy efficiency and lower emissions.

OSCAM S.P.A. (Italy)/ 3408 - Hall 2

Machine and plants for automatic rebar Cut & bend processing.


Shuttering technology for wall and slab production.

VIKON, The group of companies (Russia)/ 2106 - Hall 2

Pre-cast and cast-in-place technology. Building construction for various purposes. The main concept of construction using pre-cast and cast-in-place technology is to erect buildings with concrete elements, which were prefabricated at casting yards. Advantages: Decline in the construction costs - up to 30 percent; High rate of construction – 5,000 m2 per month via a one-column crane; Seismic stability (earthquake-proof) – shocks of force up to 9; High construction quality; Not all building frame joints are welded.

New generation construction materials

YUKSEKLIK LTD (Azerbaijan)/ 5112 - Hall 1

“Cheshuya” metal tiles mark a renaissance in national oriental ornamental patterns for home roofs. YUKSEKLIK LTD. began manufacturing special “Cheshuya” tiles for new homes designed in the national style, as well as for restoring artistic and historical heritage sites.

AI POLIMER MMC (Azerbaijan)/ 2708 – Hall 2

A universal energy-saving mixer for paint. The mixer has isolation features for all kinds of paint. Twenty-five percent savings in terms of both energy and costs!

AZBURUME MMC (Azerbaijan)/ 2108 - Hall 2

Sealed PVC wrapping For wrapping and packaging we use a high quality, high-pressure-resistant polyethylene, as well as heat and cold resistant sheets.

MATANAT A (Azerbaijan)/ 4106 - Hall 1

FasNatural for creating decorative cover stone is single-component, highly durable and highly resistant to frost, heat, water and other external influences. The material can be applied to concrete, brick, limestone, and penoconcrete (foam concrete) walls, as well as walls made made of other stones.

VINOPLASTIC (Iran)/ 2208 - Hall 2

For IT specialists: 3&7-channel subduct pipes: the possibility of transmitting 3 to 7 cables through only one pipe in telecommunication projects.

PUREPRO (Azerbaijan)/ 2422 - Hall 2

Reverse osmosis water systems. Model EC 105P.
Membrane: 50 GPD / 189 LPD
With a transformer 220Volt (50Hz)
Operation pressure: 5 -80 psi
Weight: 9 kg - system

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Systems


Pre-Insulated Ducting System introduced the innovative and revolutionary foam based pre-insulated ductwork constructed and sized similar to normal sheet metal ductwork. Advantages of PAL DUCTWORK: Cleanable and hygienic, Energy Savings: Up to 20% annually , Fast-Track Installation: Rapid erection combined with single fix installation.

OVENTROP GMBH & CO. KG (Germany)/ 1110 - Hall 1

The Oventrop regulating valve “Cocon QTZ” is a valve combination consisting of an automatic regulator (nominal value manually adjustable) and a regulating valve. valve is used for the hydronic balancing and temperature control of appliances or sections of the system in chilled ceiling, Fan-Coil, convector, central heating and surface heating systems.

PLOMYPLAS (Spain)/ 2516 - Hall 2

PlomyCLICK push fit piping system for PEX and Alupex. plomyCLICK fittings are made of 100% polyphenylsulfone (PPSU).

Mechanical aids

POQUTEC (South Korea)/ 4103 – Outdoor

Company POQUTEC – South Korean manufacturer of the hydraulic replaceable attachment.

PROLINK CASPIAN MMC (Azerbaijan)/ 4208 – Outdoor

A three-pump hydraulic system, controlled by the EcoDig rocker switch in the cab. The EcoDig system provides the operator with improved cycle times, reduced fuel consumption and greater control of the backhoe.

Creative Furniture

TUTTO BELLO (Azerbaijan)/ 2520 – Hall 2

IGLU is made and designed to look like a fruit (apple), and woven like a floor mat. It comes with comfortable scatter cushions for resting outdoors or in your summer home. Despite its size (207x196x248cm), IGLU can be moved around easily on its rollers. It is an essential and innovative product, particularly for your summer homes.

BakuBuild continues to enable everyone to find what they need. For visitors, there is everything for construction, decoration and interior design; and for prospective partners, the exhibition creates conditions for more effective cooperation between companies in need of partners in related fields. BakuBuild 2010 was showcase the achievements of all the major areas of the building and interiors industry, make a serious contribution to increasing the investment attractiveness of the industry in Azerbaijan.

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